If you're a customer of or, welcome to the consolidated site:   

We have consolidated our websites and brought the product lines of each into the Alamo Peppers site.  All of the people you know and trust are part of the Alamo Peppers family so rest assured that the same high levels of quality and service will continue.


 is a source for superhot chile peppers like the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper.  We also have Bhut Jolokia chile pepper which is also known as Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion pepper, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chile pepper.  We also carry milder chiles like Jalapeno, African Bird's Eye (Piri Piri) and Habanero.  If you want to buy ghost pepper, or buy carolina reaper chile peppers - welcome to Alamo Peppers.

Alamo Peppers also has all natural food seasonings like Jalapeno Salt, Citrus Pepper, Honey Chipotle and many others.  They will make your food taste amazing.